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Spring Break 2014

In a couple of hours I’m driving to RDU to catch a flight to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale. I’m going to be on a Norwegian ship. The excursions planned are involving kayaking, cave exploring, and playing with dolphins.
I should be back by Saturday. I will not have wifi. ( ゚д゚) So hopefully I won’t miss a lot of cool stuff on my dash.

I’m going to miss y’all. Be safe and happy.


I would like to take the time to say I love that my new phone has these emojis

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via Blake Andrews

I’m finally upgrading to 7. It’s taken me this long to crack. -.- Wish me luck.

I love Jeremy! We’re April bulls and he’s the first one to talk to me. He was the first to notice my exclusive hoodie and signed my sketch saying they love me too. Awesome tattoo J.H. I miss you and the rest of SafetySuit. [+] #tattootuesday #tattoo #jeremy_henshaw #jeremy #safetysuit #bass #cutie #hot @safetysuit